Final Exam Directions

How to proctor the Indiana Online Final Exam

  • The student must show a picture ID to the proctor.
  • Final Exams are timed and may vary in length. Generally, the exam should take no longer than 90 minutes to complete.
  • The student will log into their Indiana Online course and click on the Content Tab then click into the Final Exam Folder.
  • Please check the Approved Materials spreadsheet to see what the student may use on the final exam.
  • Please remind the student to complete the Course Evaluation.
  • The proctor must confidentially type in the password for the final exam password box. To protect the integrity of the course, please keep this password confidential. This password unlocks all exams in all courses.
  • To obtain the password, the guidance counselor may log into the IOASIS system at and click on “Final Exam Info.” This password is changed periodically, so it is important to check the password on the day of the exam. To protect the integrity of the exam, please do not share this password with the student.
  • The exam will be locked if a student attempts to resume the exam. This will prevent students from not submitting their exam during the testing time, then later resuming the exam and completing it outside of a proctored environment. Therefore, if for any reason the student must pause his/her exam or log out of the course account, the proctor will be required to type in the Exam Password to unlock the student’s exam.
  • The preferred method of reporting problems while the exam is being administered is to submit a request through our Contact Us page.
  • If you continue to have problems, contact our administration office at 317-759-5559.
  • Final Grades will be emailed to the counselor, student and parent within 48 hours of the exam completion.
  • Please let us know your questions or concerns about the Final Exam. In most cases, we will receive your question and respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for your assistance!

– The Indiana Online Team