Indiana Online Academy

full-time virtual solution for Indiana districts

School districts are losing students every year to full-time virtual public or charter schools, thus losing the student ADM. The Indiana Online Academy (IOA) provides a solution that could greatly benefit Indiana districts allowing them to keep all of their students, meet individual needs, and remove the burden of running their own virtual program.

The highlights:
  • Flexible, open enrollment
  • District maintains full student ADM funding, but uses a portion to pay for student IOA cost
  • Students may continue co-curricular and extracurricular activities if permitted by the district
  • Traditional home school students have an option to stay district students, but receive a virtual education
  • Middle (7-8) and High School (9-12) accredited curriculum offering AP and Dual Credit options
young high school student working on a laptop

Academy Responsibilities

  • Provide full-time teachers in all four core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Provide software, such as LMS, SIS, Video Conferencing
  • Synchronous schedule for core subjects
  • Dedicated teacher providing live instruction following a master schedule
  • Build in time for districts to meet with their students, if needed
  • Provide asynchronous electives through Indiana Online
  • Dedicated administrative staff and counselor

District Responsibilities

  • Provide liaison to IOA
  • Provide the student technology hardware needed (Laptop, Chromebook, etc.) for the courses
  • Award credit for the courses on the student’s transcript to provide student with school district diploma
  • Conduct all required state testing
  • Meet all IEP/504/ILP needs for the student
  • Report daily attendance to the state
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High School Details

The per student cost covers:

7-8th Grade Middle School Details

The per course cost covers:

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Meet our teachers

40. April Long Round
April Long
62. Asa Suriano Round
Asa Suriano
37. Jan Mitchener Round
Jan Mitchener
61. Joanna Johnson Round
Joanna Johnson
Middle School Math
63. Joy Greta Round
Joy Greth
Middle School
39. Nakeisha Washington Round
Nakeisha Washington
38. Scott Cooper Round
Scott Cooper
Social Studies

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