Additional Student Support: STOPit Solutions HELPme App

Indiana Online is a proud partner of STOPit Solutions—an organization that provides anonymous incident reporting and safety technology to students to protect their physical, social, and emotional safety.

HELPme App

STOPit Solutions’ HELPme App provides students with multiple ways to ask for and receive assistance based on their level of comfort. By utilizing HELPme in all Indiana Online courses, our students can access the program via the HELPme App or website. Available resources include mental health, safety, food insecurity, housing, crisis support, educational materials, and more.

As an additional layer of support, Indiana Online employs a Student Services team made up of licensed counselors and individuals specialized to assist students with accommodations and reports, as well as include local law enforcement in the student’s area—if needed.

As the first state-wide online program to implement HELPme, our mission is to educate students and staff on the use of this program to prioritize student well-being and psychological safety.

Kim Hendrick, Executive Director at Indiana Online

“We are excited to join forces with STOPit Solutions to further enhance the well-being of our students. The safety and mental health of our students are of paramount importance to us, and this partnership will provide them with a powerful tool to report incidents and seek support. Together, we can create a safer and more supportive online learning environment for all Indiana Online students.”

Through the integration of STOPit’s innovative technology and Indiana Online’s commitment to student success, this collaboration creates a safer and healthier online learning environment for Indiana Online students. With a focus on creating a culture of safety, fostering a positive learning environment, and promoting overall mental health, we look forward to helping students thrive academically and emotionally.

For more information on this partnership with STOPit Solutions, please contact us at

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