Stronger Together: Building Your Future with Indiana Online

Indiana Online understands that a proper education is a crucial building block of successful lifelong learning. As a key partner in the blueprint of a student’s journey to a sturdy education, Indiana Online is trusted by students, parents, guardians, and administrators.

Whatever a student’s academic plan entails, Indiana Online can assist in laying the proper foundation for a successful future. We offer asynchronous summer school courses that allow students to catch up, get ahead, or add flexibility to their future schedules. Although a majority of a student’s education stems from their school of record, Indiana Online can be a helpful resource on any student’s path to success.

We’ve put together resources, guides, and downloadables for counselors, parents, and students to help students construct a plan that suits their needs. We look forward to another successful Summer School term assisting students in achieving their academic goals!

Building a concrete foundation for the future can seem overwhelming, but remember that we are stronger together! Reach out to us today and find out how we can assist you.

Parents and Students

Taking an online summer course is a great opportunity for students to get ahead, learn at their own pace on a flexible schedule, and keep their minds active over the summer.  Indiana Online offers a variety of asynchronous online summer school courses in partnership with over 300 schools statewide. Our courses are developed and taught by licensed Indiana teachers and experts in their respective subject areas.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about Summer School courses with Indiana Online.

2024 Summer School Guidelines

With Indiana Online, students can work at their own pace and time within the summer school parameters. Asynchronous online courses are definitely more convenient and flexible but are in some ways more difficult. Online learning requires a significant commitment of time and effort in order to be successful. Students should commit to approximately 16 hours a week per course. Take a look at our Summer School guidelines.

Summer Course Catalog

You can view the summer school catalog with the list of all our online summer courses. You can also share a copy of this catalog with parents and students who are interested in online Summer School courses.

**Note, we do not offer intermediate, middle school, or dual credit classes during summer. All summer school courses are asynchronous.


We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions we hear from parents and students about Indiana Online logistics and provided the answers.

Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook to learn everything you need to know about expectations for Summer courses offered by Indiana Online.

Parent Guide to Online Learning

Designed for parents who are new to online learning, this comprehensive guide will help you determine if it’s right for your student. It outlines considerations, advice, and suggestions as you and your student make decisions.

How To Register

Registering with Indiana Online is easy. We have outlined the steps you need to get registered.


Are you ready for Summer School? 

Your support of the students who are enrolled in Indiana Online is key to their success. You’ll have access to the student’s progress and grades throughout the session, as well as final exam information and the final grade.

If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with us for online summer school, please review the agreement or reach out to us

IO Summer Post Card June 10th - July 21st 2024

Summer Communication Kit

Does your Summer School program include Indiana Online courses?

Our Summer Communication Kit was created to make your life easier. These resources will be useful as you send communications about Indiana Online Summer School learning options to staff, parents, and students at your school.

This kit contains:


SUMMER School Agreement for Public Schools

With summer school rapidly approaching, Indiana Online would like to partner with Indiana public schools to deliver a variety of quality asynchronous online courses in order to meet your students’ needs. To expedite the Summer Session option for your high school students, please complete the Agreement and return to Indiana Online by April 1, 2024. If you haven’t already done so, please also complete the General Partnership Agreement.

Summer School Flyer

Download this flyer and use it to promote summer schools opportunities at your school! Plus, give students 10 reasons why they should take online summer courses. 

Editable Flyer for 2024 Summer School.

Editable Flyer

Create your own flyer with our editable templates. Click the “Create a Copy” button below to make a copy in Google Slides, or click the “Download Now” button to download the PPT template. Instructions are provided for your convenience in the notes at the bottom.

IO Summer Post Card June 10th - July 21st 2024

Summer School Postcard

Want to provide more info about online summer school to students? Share our postcard or request for us to send them to you.

Printable Infographics

Indiana Online’s flexible learning environment allows Summer students to achieve their educational goals. You can use these infographics (Profile of a Successful Online Learner and 10 Reasons Students Take Online Summer Courses) to educate students and parents on the benefits of online learning courses and the skills needed to succeed in them.

Email to Parents

Need content to help promote summer courses to parents? Use our email copy template and customize it based on your specific guidelines. Click below to download.

Logos and Usage

Feel free to use any logos needed for your communications to staff, students, and parents. However, please do not alter any logos or use additional elements.

Interested in setting up an online summer school program at your school?

If you’re an educational decision-maker interested in setting up an online summer program at your school or district, please fill out the form below.