Indiana Online is the perfect solution for students in many of different situations. Some examples are:

  • Assist students with getting back on track for graduation.     
  • Take courses which may not  fit into the student’s schedule.
  • Take courses that may not be offered at the student’s school, such as AP and dual credit courses.
  • Accelerated students may work ahead or take prerequisites courses.
  • Traveling students may enroll with Indiana Online to stay on track while away from their home high school.
  • Homebound students may enroll in courses to stay on track, even if they are unable to go into the school building.
  • Many homeschool families are turning to online learning education as the foundation of their curriculum.

To learn about our Summer School Program check out our Summer School Communication page.

Please discuss the following expectations with your student, ensuring clear understanding of the Indiana Online program’s instructional format.

  • The student must have an active e-mail addressInternet access and possess Computer Skills
  • The student must be Self-motivated
  • The student must be an Independent Learner
  • The student must be aware of their Time Management
  • The student must make a Personal Commitment to the course

Indiana Online recommends that a student participate in only one course per semester.

The Guidance Counselor’s Approval of a student’s registration verifies the following:

  • The student is enrolled in a participating school.
  • The high school of enrollment will grant the credit upon successful completion of the Indiana Online course.
  • The Counselor has discussed the expectations of the Indiana Online program and is recommending the student for the online course.
  • The Counselor agrees to proctor or determine a designee to proctor the final exam at high school of enrollment.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Indiana Online office, 317-759-5559.

Parents are always encouraged to participate in the educational process of their children. The easiest way to stay connected with what your child is doing in their online course is to utilize the Mentor account and the Parent Portal. The parent email address should be different than the student’s during registration. The system automatically establishes a Mentor account and will email information to the parent’s email address for verification. This account will give the mentor access to the student information system in the database and the Parent Portal.  The Parent Portal will not show student activity until the student is actively working in the course. The Parent Portal makes monitoring student progress so easy. Between the Parent Portal and the Student Information System, Parents can:
  • View the percent of course work that has been completed and posted to the grade book.
  • View the average percent grade representing the work posted to the grade book.
  • View all grades on assignments. 
  • Read the latest posts from the teacher. 

The Guidance Counselor approval is a required step of the Indiana Online registration process.

What the student can expect:

  1. Student meets with their guidance counselor to determine if an Indiana Online course is an option for them.
  2. Student completes the online registration as a new or existing student.
  3. Student will need access to their email account to verify their email address.
  4. Once the student establishes an account in the Indiana Online student data base and requests to be enrolled in a course, an email is generated to the selected Guidance Counselor for approval.
  5. Payment can be made online by credit card or via check mailed to CIESC. Payment is due by the 1st day of the course. The student’s account will be deactivated if payment is not received.
  6. Student will receive an email notification upon the Guidance Counselor’s approval.
  7. Student will receive a user name & password when the session begins.
  8. The teacher will contact the student the first few days of the course.

What the parent can expect:

  1. Parent will receive an email from Indiana Online once the parent information is entered in the student account during enrollment.
  2. Parent will receive an email when student is approved for the course by the counselor.
  3. Parent will receive an email after the course begins with information on logging into their mentor account to access the Parent Portal and Student Information System to view grades, activity, etc.
  4. Parent will receive a copy of the grade report when the session concludes.

Please refer to the school list to determine the cost associated with your school.

Regular Cost:

  • $250 for CIESC Member Schools
  • $275 for CIESC Non-Member Schools

Online textbook fees may apply. Additional course materials may be necessary and will be at the student’s responsibility to provide.  See the course description for course materials.

The student’s user name and encrypted password are provided to student at the beginning of each session. The student’s login information is sent to the email account provided at the time of registration. Students must have an active email account at the time of registration in order to receive their login information.  We do not recommend using a school issued email account as those are typically blocked by the school.

The final exams are performance and evidence-based.  Students are eligible to begin the required final exam after all coursework is complete within the learning management system. Students should revisit all unit tests and the required course review prior to taking the final exam.

The courses are equal to 1 credit per semester and are awarded by the student’s school of enrollment.

Students are required to finish their course by the semester end date.

Students can request a 1-month extension during the school year based on the following guidelines:

  • The student must demonstrate that progress is being made toward eventual completion of the course. Students should work on their course at regular intervals and avoid long periods of inactivity.
  • Student coursework should be at least 40% completed.
  • Students that do not complete the course in the allotted timeframe will fail.
  • An additional fee of $20 is required to be paid by the student before the extension is granted.

No extensions are allowed during summer school.

  • Should a student choose to withdraw from a course within the first 15 days, there will be no penalty as long as he/she submits a withdraw request through the ticket system.  A “W” withdraw will be reported to the student’s high school.
  • Should a student choose to not complete the course after the 15 day withdrawal period, no refund will be issued. A failing grade will be reported to the student’s high school.
  • Indiana Online students must complete the Student Training Unit and at least 12% of the course assignments (20% during summer) within first 15 days of enrollment. Students who do not meet this requirement within the first 15 days will be automatically withdrawn from the course, and a withdraw will be reported to their school of enrollment.
  • Students are required to complete the course within the session’s timeline (See the academic calendar).

Indiana Online reserves the right to cancel any course when enrollment does not meet an acceptable level.

All Indiana Online courses are accredited and designed according to Indiana State Standards. Content meets and exceeds the standards for each subject area.

Inappropriate (non-educational) use of the online course environment may result in removal from the course and/or other disciplinary action. This includes email, chat, discussion forums, and all other components of the course. Tools provided to students by Indiana Online are only to be used as they contribute to completing the online course. All tools are for “Educational Use Only.”

The principles of academic integrity – honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility – are vital to a successful course completion. Activities or intentions that interfere with these principles are strictly prohibited.

All stakeholders of the online course are expected to conduct themselves with the same level of respect, professionalism and courtesy as they would in a classroom environment. Any and all communication that is conducted via phone, email, discussion board, or chat room must be done in an appropriate manner and tone.

Cheating involves submitting work in a written assignment or exam that is not the students’ own. Cheating includes:

  • Copying another student’s work.
  • Allowing another student to copy their work.
  • Having someone else complete work for them.
  • Using unauthorized material to help complete their work.

If the teacher detects cheating on a written assignment or exam, the teacher may recommend, depending on the severity of the cheating, that the student receive:

  • A reduced grade for the written assignment or exam.
  • No credit for the written assignment or exam.
  • A reduced grade for the entire course.
  • A failing grade for the entire course (forfeiting all course fees).

Plagiarism – If the student uses the ideas, words, or statements of another person or source to support their ideas, they must always give credit to the person or source.  If a teacher detects plagiarism in a written assignment or exam, the teacher may recommend, depending on the severity of the plagiarism that the student receive:

  • A reduced grade for the written assignment or exam.
  • No credit for the written assignment or exam.
  • A reduced grade for the entire course.
  • A failing grade for the entire course (forfeiting all course fees).

The syllabus of each course will cover the specific grading criteria. A letter or number grade will accompany each assignment returned to the student. Teachers may give feedback to the student on the assignment. The student must complete all required assignments and exams before a final grade can be issued. Any assignments or exams not completed will receive a zero in the gradebook.  When the student has completed the course, the teacher will calculate and post the final grade within the course for review. Indiana Online will report the student’s final grade to the high school of enrollment and student by the end of each applicable semester.

A+97 - 100
A93 - 96
A-90 - 92
B+87 - 89
B83 - 86
B-80 - 82
C+77 - 79
C73 - 76
C-70 - 72
D+67 - 69
D63 - 66
D-60 - 62
  • Students who need honors, homebound, home school, credit recovery, special needs, alternative learning, and potential drop-out students may benefit by enrolling in an Indiana Online course.
  • Indiana Online courses are developed and taught by Indiana licensed teachers. Courses meet and exceed Indiana State Standards.
  • Schools do not need to be a CIESC member school to take part in Indiana Online’s supplemental high school courses.
  • The school enters into an Agreement with CIESC with credits awarded by the school of enrollment.
  • The Guidance Director is asked to submit a list of the counselors and e-mail addresses for registration and report processing.
  • The student completes the online registration which is emailed to the Guidance Counselor for approval before enrollment occurs.
  • The Guidance Counselor is responsible for acting as a liaison in organizing proctored computer-based final examinations.
  • Payment arrangements must be communicated to CIESC by the district regarding who is responsible for the cost of the course. An online credit card payment option is available.

If you have any additional questions not answered above, please contact us.