Career Opportunities

Current Openings

Internal Positions

Administration/Program Manager 

The Indiana Online Program and Partnerships Manager is responsible for effective management and operational oversight for all aspects of the Student Services and Outreach Teams. The Program and Partnerships Manager will manage the day-to-day operations of the teams focusing on program growth, partnership contracts, exporting and analyzing data, communications, and reports from the student information system and Monday boards.

Student Success Specialist 

The Indiana Online Student Success Specialist is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operations of student services. The Student Success Specialist will be responsible for analyzing data reporting, looking at trends, identifying students at risk, assisting in communication with stakeholders in supporting all students.

Course Development Positions

We are hiring Subject Matter Experts for:

  • 3024 Biology I (2 semesters)
  • 7351 Topics in Computer Science (2 semesters)

The Indiana Online Subject Matter Expert (SME) is responsible for developing curriculum for an online course. Curriculum includes course and unit-level learning objectives based on Indiana state standards, formative and summative assessments aligned to the learning objectives, and content that is engaging and student-centered. This is not a teaching position, but teachers make great SMEs! Training is provided. This is a part-time, contract position that typically lasts about 6-12 months. If interested in developing any of these courses, visit our course developer online application to learn more & apply. 

Teaching Positions

School Year

English Teacher for grades 7th – 12th

Social Studies Teacher for grades 7th – 12th

Science Teacher for grades 7th – 12th


We are now accepting applications for summer 2023. If interested in applying for a summer 2023 position, visit our summer teacher online application to learn more & apply. 

Ideal Qualifications for an Indiana Online Teacher


  • Holds a valid Indiana Teaching License for the Indiana Online course assignment
  • Engaged in the field of education in Indiana
  • Dual Credit Requirement: Credentialed through Indiana Online dual credit partner


  • Actively teaching the course in the appropriate Indiana school setting for the position 
  • A minimum of 3 years teaching experience
  • Prior online teaching experience
  • Canvas and SIS experience
  • AP Consideration
    • Currently teaching AP
    • Continuous learning via conferences, AP specific workshops, etc.
    • Proof of pass rate success
    • Proof of highly effective status in the course

Hiring Process for Indiana Online Teachers

Indiana Online follows a three-step hiring process for all interested candidates. Potential candidates will progress through the hiring process following the steps provided:

Step 1: All interested candidates must complete the Indiana Online employment application and provide a copy of the candidate’s valid Indiana teaching license, current employment, references, resume, and letter of interest.

Upon review of the candidate’s application or interview, Indiana Online may choose to move a candidate onto step 2 in the hiring process. 

Step 2: The candidate will be asked to complete Indiana Online’s Effective Online Teaching Course. The asynchronous training course is designed to introduce candidates to online teaching practices and pedagogy and to gauge a candidate’s experience and knowledge of working in an online environment.

Upon completion of the Effective Online Teaching course, Indiana Online may choose to move a candidate onto step 3 in the hiring process. 

Step 3: The candidate will be asked to complete a final performance-based demonstration of online teaching using the Indiana Online learning management platform.

Upon completion of the performance-based demonstration and review by Indiana Online administration, the candidate may be placed in a hiring queue to utilize if an open position becomes available. 

All new employees will be required to attend a New Hire Orientation, as well as review and sign off on the Indiana Online Certified Employee Handbook. Note, summer school teachers will also be required to attend the Summer Kickoff and various summer meetings with administration.

Completion of all three steps does not secure a position. Indiana Online cannot guarantee employment, as enrollment can vary year to year. If you are not selected for a teaching position, we will keep your application on file for one year.