Welcome to EdReady Indiana

A math readiness tool for all Indiana Students

What do you want your students to be ready for?

If the answer is algebra, EdReady Indiana, a program of Indiana Online, has a proven solution for your teachers and students.

Pathway to Algebra identifies gaps and creates targeted instruction to each student’s individual needs through an initial diagnostic test followed by delivery of a customized learning path based on each student’s diagnostic test results. Pathway to Algebra is specifically designed to help students prepare for and succeed in algebra.

With EdReady Indiana, any learner can take a low-stakes assessment (knowledge inventory) that then creates a personalized learning path to get you where you want to go.

EdReady Indiana Works For You! Here’s how…

  • Content available in math from grades 5 and up
  • Content available in English from grades 9 and up COMING SOON
  • Used for intervention, acceleration, differentiation, test prep, supplemental instruction, whole class instruction, and summer programs
  • Modeled after a successful nine-year program in Montana

Getting Started with EdReady

If you’re currently using the program or would like to learn more about the program,

Professional Development

The EdReady Indiana team wants our schools to be successful. So, we provide professional development for facilitators using EdReady Indiana. Contact us directly to schedule professional development for your school.

  • Welcome to EdReady Indiana – let us help you build a successful program in your school starting from the ground up, building student accounts, choosing goals, communicating expectations, assessment strategies, and program management. (2-3 hours)
  • Refresher Training for schools currently using the program – explore new features in the program, new use cases, and reminders of those annual steps you need to take. (2 hours)
  • Reports, tracking, and data – participants learn the power of the program and how data can be used to drive instruction, recognize gaps, monitor student usage, and determine best practices. (1 hour)


We are not limited to training only on these topics, and quite often, we can help you determine what subject-specific training should take place. To schedule training, please Sign Up Here or reach out directly at ajones@indianaonline.org.