Supplemental Courses

Indiana Online offers a variety of online courses to supplement students’ in-school courses. We are the largest non-profit supplemental course provider in Indiana, partnering with more than 300 schools. Offering a wide variety of year-round and summer courses online, you or your students can achieve educational goals with Indiana Online.

Whether you are looking to take on more courses or are striving to add flexibility to your schedule, Indiana Online is the educational partner you don’t want to go without! Our integrated processes and engaging resources lend proven value, as students and parents seek a path toward fulfilling their goals with all of the right assets.

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Indiana Online offers a flexible schedule with open, rolling enrollment on Monday and Thursday every week during our registration windows. Students follow a pacing guide to complete the course within the term’s start and end dates. The final score is reported to the school and recorded in the semester the student completes the course.

Success in Indiana Online courses depends on a student’s independent study habits, time management skills, and comfort level with technology. Access the profile of a successful student below to see if you have skills and resources needed to do well.

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For Counselors and Schools

Our partnership with individual schools and districts is our biggest strength, and we value you.

Interested in bringing the Indiana Online supplemental program to your school or district? Get all the information you need or simply contact us to get started.

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