Students & Parents

Families can put trust in Indiana Online along their journey to educational achievement. Our integrated processes and engaging resources lend proven value, as students and parents seek a path toward fulfilling their goals with all of the right assets.

Indiana Online is the perfect solution for students in many of different situations.  Some examples are:

  • Assist students with getting back on track for graduation.     
  • Take courses which may not  fit into the student’s schedule.
  • Take courses that may not be offered at the student’s school, such as AP and dual credit courses.
  • Accelerated students may work ahead or take prerequisites courses.
  • Traveling students may enroll with Indiana Online to stay on track while away from their school of record.
  • Homebound students may enroll in courses to stay on track, even if they are unable to go into the school building.
  • Many homeschool families are turning to online learning education as the foundation of their curriculum.
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Your time, Your place

Indiana Online courses are taught by Indiana-licensed teachers, the courses are designed by Indiana Online course design specialists to be highly interactive and engaging, all courses are Cognia and NCAA certified, and Indiana Online is responsible for all student management functions. Upon course completion, Indiana Online sends a final score to the student’s respective school.

Indiana Online offers a myriad of courses for high school credit, as well as 5th-8th grade curriculum. Find out if your school is partnered with Indiana Online, or what you can do to join our growing list of partnerships. Let us help you every step of the way.

Returning Parents

Already have a student in Indiana Online and need to speak to an Indiana Online administrator? Let’s get in touch.