Overview of the Program

Indiana Online provides tutoring services to students in grades K-12 in an online synchronous format using Zoom for Education. Our tutors are employees of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) and are licensed Indiana teachers. Utilizing our platforms, communication and tutoring sessions are logged, as well as benchmarks identified and progress captured for all stakeholders, including the student’s school of record, to review in real-time.

Review our Tutoring Pricing Structure for costs to be paid by the school of record or parent, as well as package discounts. If you are unsure if your school of record is part of an educational service center (ESC), you can look it up on the ESC Membership List.

Ready to Join?

Step 1 - Find a Tutor

Visit the Find a Tutor page to search for a tutor by content area and level, as well as desired availability. You will need your tutor’s name for Step 2.

Step 2 - New to Indiana Online?

Create an account in our student information system, Genius, and select your tutor.


Step 2 - Already have a Genius Account?

Already have an Indiana Online account? Login to Genius and select your tutor.

Step 3 - Setup First Tutoring Session

You will receive an email confirmation after you sign up for a tutor in our student information system, Genius, and have been approved for the tutoring program. The email confirmation will contain a personalized link to schedule your first tutoring session with your tutor.

If you did not receive the email with your tutor’s individual link, you can proceed to Step 4 and select your tutor to schedule your first session. Please make sure to inform them you did not receive the introductory email after signing up in your Genius account.

Step 4 - Enrolled in Tutoring?

Need another session? Select your tutor from the dropdown to schedule your next session.

Have questions?

We know you may have questions regarding our Indiana Online Tutoring program. Check out our Tutoring FAQ to answers to common questions or you can email Melissa Bardack, Instructional Leadership Manager, at mbardack@indianaonline.org