Parent Portal

As a parent, I want to be involved with my child’s education. How can Indiana Online enable this?

Parents are always encouraged to participate in the educational process of their children. The easiest way to stay connected with what your child is doing in their online course is to utilize the Mentor account. The parent must provide a different email address than the student’s during registration. The system automatically will establish a Mentor account for the parent and email their login information to the parent’s email address along with instructions for using the account. The parent’s email must be different than the student’s email address in order to establish a Mentor account. This account will not become active until the opening day of the session when the student begins their course. Mentor makes monitoring student progress and communicating with teachers so easy.

Parents/guardians can:

  • View a summary of overdue and upcoming assignments
  • View a snapshot of recent grade items
  • View all graded items and any feedback left by the instructor
  • Sign up to receive a weekly activity summary

Learn more about the parent portal and how to access it by clicking below.

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