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Indiana Online, a department of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC), is one of the largest online supplemental course providers in the state, offering a wide variety of full-time, year-round, and summer courses online. Achieve your educational goals with Indiana Online.

Online High School Courses in Indiana

For Students

Indiana Online offers a variety of online courses in partnership with over 300 schools statewide.

For Educators

Indiana Online offers online courses and face-to-face training sessions to our year-round and summer teachers with topics ranging from accessibility, assessments, course technology, instructional materials, and learner interaction.

For Everyone

Indiana Online is a trusted resource and choice educational partner with students, parents, administrators, educators, and counselors. We provide innovative learning experiences for our students and teachers.

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Indiana Online is committed to helping students and educators achieve their educational goals in an interactive online environment. Register now to excel in your learning and enhance your skills.

Keep Indiana Learning

Keep Indiana Learning provides Indiana educators with an empowering and collaborative network that will transform teaching and learning resulting in relevant, engaging, and equitable learning opportunities for all Indiana students.

Our Partners

Indiana Online offers online courses in partnership with over 300 schools statewide.

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We provide both face-to-face training sessions for our year-round and summer teachers, along with a variety of online courses. Use Indiana Online to enhance your skills and achieve your professional development goals.