Indiana Online Supports Small and Rural Schools by Providing Opportunities


A recent article in the Indiana Capitol Chronicle titled “Students in Indiana’s Smallest Schools Struggle as Enrollment Continues to Decline” discusses the analysis of Indiana high school course enrollment data reveals a concerning trend – students at smaller, rural school districts have significantly less access to advanced coursework compared to larger districts. This discrepancy disadvantages students from small communities and may hamper their college readiness and future success.

The analysis focused on advanced courses such as AP, dual credit, and calculus which are associated with better postsecondary outcomes, especially in STEM fields. However, the data shows only 2 of the 8 smallest districts with under 500 students offered calculus. In addition, nearly 25 small districts had no AP enrollments whatsoever, including in vital STEM subjects.

Students who attend schools with broader academic offerings consistently enroll in higher level classes when available. This suggests smaller schools’ absence of these courses is driven by district limitations rather than student interest or aptitude. Kevin Brinegar, president and CEO of the Indiana Chamber, said in a news release, “All children, regardless of their ZIP code, have a right to an education to help them succeed.”

Many small and rural districts are now looking for alternative options to provide more opportunities for students while facing challenges like funding and staffing shortages. Indiana Online offers a solution to these difficulties because we believe that every student should have an equal opportunity to reach their academic potential and prepare for their future endeavors.

Indiana Online opens the door to students by offering virtual courses thereby creating vital educational opportunities for students in small and rural districts. Indiana Online helps learners achieve their educational goals in an interactive online environment, which uses innovative technologies that engage students and provide proactive learning opportunities. 

When your district partners with Indiana Online, you will have access to the following programs:

  • Supplemental courses
    • Over 165 courses
    • 15 dual credit courses and 23 AP courses
    • 4 foreign languages offered
    • 15 CTE courses
    • Flexible enrollment
    • Asynchronous learning format
    • Taught by Indiana certified teachers
    • Free readiness courses for enrolled students
  • FlexED
    • FlexEd-T utilizes our teachers and our course content
    • Addresses teacher shortages
    • FlexEd-C allows you to lease our course content, using your teacher
    • Supports teachers by providing quality content
  • Indiana Online Academy
    • Full-time virtual solution for grades 5-12 for students who cannot attend in person, the student remains enrolled at your school
    • Synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities
  • Summer School
    • Taught by Indiana certified teachers
    • Over 120 available courses
    • Allows students to catch up or get ahead
    • Asynchronous learning
  • Tutoring
    • Facilitated by Indiana certified teachers
    • Schools can purchase a block
    • Family pay is an option

Indiana Online has a student services team that offers comprehensive support to both you and your students. Keep Indiana Online in mind as you consider how to better serve your students!

To discuss how Indiana Online can support your district, contact our Outreach Specialist, Amy Jones at or call (463) 276-7847.


  • Amy Jones

    Amy Jones is an Outreach Specialist with Indiana Online. Amy focuses on the growth of Indiana Online by building district relationships and working with schools to find out their specific needs. Amy also contributes to new marketing initiatives to further the growth and development of Indiana Online. Amy is an experienced educator with almost 20 years of experience in Southeastern Indiana.

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