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Indiana Online is dedicated to helping all students achieve their educational goals through an innovative, interactive online learning environment. Staff members at Indiana Online engage in national and state organizations to continue supporting the needs of students, provide learning opportunities for teachers, and create courses that promote high-level thinking and engagement.

As an active member of the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA), many Indiana Online members actively lead or participate in workgroup committees focused on leadership, professional development, instructional design, program operations, marketing and supporting students. Serving as Vice President of the VLLA Advisory Board and lead for the Professional Development and Instruction Committee, Executive Director, Kim Hendrick, shares her expertise in virtual learning while collaborating with other programs across the nation to continue developing best practices based on research and experience. She also serves on the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) State Engagement Committee. Director of Student Learning, Kara Heichelbech, engages in a leadership role with Indiana Connected Educators as well as the VLLA Operations workgroup. Participating in these organizations allows Kara to share and exchange strategies and procedures both locally and across the nation ensuring Indiana Online students receive high-quality educational experiences. 

The Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) provides a collaborative space to explore, produce, and share information and research regarding best practices in digital learning.  Indiana Online is the Indiana state affiliate providing monthly opportunities for Kim Hendrick and Kara Heichelbech to discuss national trends with other state affiliates. As leaders in virtual learning, staff at Indiana Online attend and present at the Digital Learning Annual Conference sharing experiences and learning from other national organizations. 

Indiana Online is dedicated to supporting the needs of all students. Allyssya Gossett, Program Specialist supporting students with accommodations, has been named co-chair of the newly formed Student Services Workgroup for the VLLA. The Student Services group works to remove barriers and guide students through the digital learning process. Their goal is to develop best practices to meet the learning needs of all students through multi-tiered interventions and build a holistic bridge connecting students with their teacher(s) and curriculum providing equitable educational opportunities. As co-chair of this workgroup, Allyssya collaborates with national peers to brainstorm and develop ways to work with district partners to obtain formalized education plans, provide accommodations within Indiana Online programming, and ensure we are partnering with districts to maintain compliance.

Evaluating and developing high-quality instructional practices are key in the success of our students and teachers. Instructional Specialist, Melissa Bardack, is serving as co-chair of the VLLA Professional Development and Instruction Workgroup and chair of the SETDA Professional Learning Committee. Through her work in each committee, Melissa engages with national organizations supporting effective local, state, and national policies while facilitating the sharing of collective expertise in innovative, digital instructional practices. This results in research based professional learning opportunities for Indiana Online teachers.

Indiana Online courses are rigorous, engaging, and accessible to students. Using experience as a Subject Matter Expert and Reviewer with Quality Matters® Instructional Design & Curriculum Manager, Laura Garmire, is well-versed in creating and refining online courses. As a Quality Matters Reviewer, Laura evaluates a course from both a student and content perspective. All members of the Instructional Design team connect with other national organizations on the VLLA Curriculum and/or Technology workgroups. These platforms allow Indiana Online to discuss and explore content and processes that impact our students on a daily basis. 

As a trusted partner for more than 300 schools statewide, Indiana Online is continuously striving to provide innovation and best practices through virtual learning. Active local and national participation in a variety of organizations ensures students are achieving their educational goals. Visit the Indiana Online website for more information about our excelling program.


  • Melissa Bardack

    Melissa is the Instructional Specialist at Indiana Online at Central Indiana Educational Service Center, one of the largest supplemental online programs in Indiana. She has more than 12 years of experience in education and professional development. She serves as chairs for the national Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) and SETDA Professional Development Committees sharing her passion for innovative learning experiences for staff and students.

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