Indiana Online Academy

Indiana Online, a department of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center, launched the Indiana Online Academy during the 2021-2022 school year.

The Indiana Online Academy (IOA) was developed to help Indiana school districts provide a high-quality, full-time virtual option for students in grades 5-12. After 15 years of successfully delivering supplemental courses to Indiana high schools, IOA expanded to intermediate and middle school courses.  Employing 18 full-time teachers to deliver instruction to students in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, the Academy provides a unique, flexible, and personalized approach to student learning.

The Academy allows school districts to enroll students who wish to receive their education in a virtual setting but remain a part of the school community. “We are so excited to be able to partner with Indiana school districts to assist them in providing an alternative way to educate their students,” says Kara Heichelbech, Director of Student Learning at Indiana Online. “Virtual education is the perfect solution for some students, and we are honored that our partner schools trust us to support and serve their students.”

We are so excited to be able to partner with Indiana school districts to assist them in providing an alternative way to educate their students

Students will receive their core courses from the Academy’s newly-hired full-time teaching staff while employing Indiana Online’s successful asynchronous courses for electives.

It is our honor to introduce our full-time teaching staff:

83. David Abdel Round
David Abdelmaseih
Social Studies
84. Denver Alexander Round
Denver Alexander
82. Svea Bach Round
Svea Bach
PE and Health
80. Jeff Choate Round
Jeff Choate
63. Joy Greta Round
Joy Greth
Middle School
38. Scott Cooper Round
Scott Cooper
Social Studies
79. Kari Estes Round
Kari Estes
78. Natalie Freeman Round
Natalie Freeman
5th/6th Grade
81. Allison Friedman Round
Allison Friedman
99. Courtney Gnass Round
Courtney Gnass
61B. Joanna Johnson Round
Joanna Johnson
40. April Long Round
April Long
103. Jackie Lucas Round
Jackie Lucas
85. Tracy Meisberger Round
Tracy Meisberger
37. Jan Mitchener Round
Jan Mitchener
104. Stephanie Prickle Round
Stephanie Prickel
76. Laura Reysz Round
Laura Reysz
62. Asa Suriano Round
Asa Suriano
86. Kristina Tucker Round
Kristina Tucker

Our team is excited to meet our students this fall. We welcome you to join us on this new adventure. Reach out to Kara Heichelbech at or 317-759-5546 with any questions or for more information on the program.


  • Kara Heichelbech

    Kara Heichelbech is the Director of Student Learning at Indiana Online, which serves almost 30,000 students annually. As an educator, Kara has served many different roles, including classroom teacher, department chair, instructional e-coach, and building administrator. She deeply believes in the power of online education for students who need it and was honored to implement a full-time virtual program for partner schools across Indiana. Kara serves on the Indiana Connected Educators board and contributes to various committees with the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance and the Digital Learning Collaborative. She also presents at various state and national conferences sharing her love for technology integration and online education with colleagues. She graduated with a BS in Marketing from Indiana University, and after 10+ years in corporate America, Kara completed a transition-to-teaching program and earned her MAT and MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

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