Indiana Online Academy Expands

The Indiana Online Academy (IOA), which was developed to help Indiana school districts provide a high-quality, full-time virtual option for students in grades 7-12, has experienced tremendous growth since it launched in August. Due to this growth, we have been fortunate to hire three new teachers for the Academy to provide live instruction to students across Indiana.

It is our honor to introduce our new Academy teaching staff:

Joy Greth Headshot

Joy Greth

Joy Greth moved to Indiana with her children in 2014.  She primarily taught middle school math for 13 years as well as history, English, and science. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Memphis with a double minor in math and history, and she earned my Master’s  Degree in Mathematical Education from Walden University. Joy left the brick and mortar setting in 2017 to begin a virtual teaching position at Indiana Connections Academy where she taught math and English. She is always seeking new and innovative ways to develop her craft, and teaching has been her passion since she was a child playing teacher to her two younger sisters.
When she is not working she spends her time with her family including her four children and grandson. She loves to travel and spend time outdoors.

Joanna Johnson Headshot

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson is our 8th grade math teacher.  She has been teaching math for over 19 years and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida  (Go Gators!) and her master’s degree from IUPUI.

Joanna is a teacher because she enjoys helping others achieve success. She has a serious commitment to be the best teacher for each group of students she is teaching, and she promotes a learning environment that values mutual responsibility and respect between instructor and student.

When she is not working, Joanna enjoys camping, riding bikes, swimming,  gardening, and being outside. She has two adult children: her son is an aerospace engineer and works for the federal government as a missile specialist and her daughter is a senior at Bethany College where she plays softball and is majoring in biochemistry. Joanna’s dog, Chip, keeps her company and takes her on daily trail walks.

Asa Suriano Headshot

Asa Suriano

Asa Suriano is a lifelong learner who loves sharing her passion for literature and research with her students. A native Texan who was always an avid reader and writer who loved every English class, she ironically began her college career as a biology major but opted out of nursing school to pursue a culinary degree and career as a pastry chef. Many years later, literature lured her back to the classroom and she earned her BS in English and MS in Education before heading into her first teaching job in upstate New York. 17 years later, she has enjoyed teaching students at all high school grade levels in a wide variety of courses such as American Lit, British Lit, Gothic Lit, creative writing, speech, college prep English, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Advanced Placement Seminar, and many more.

Asa loves concerts, cooking, spending time with her husband and daughter, snuggling with her two spoiled cats, and listening to true crime podcasts.

We welcome you to join us at the Academy. Reach out to Kara Heichelbech at or 317-759-5546 with any questions or for more information.


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