Indiana Online Contributes to National Standards for Quality

Indiana Online aims to maintain the highest standards to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. As a part of that promise, we are honored to be actively involved in the creation of those standards with the National Standards for Quality (NSQ).

The NSQ Online Learning is an ongoing project to continuously revise the National Standards for Quality Online Courses, Programs, and Teaching led by a partnership between Quality Matters and the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance with widespread community support.

The purpose of NSQ revision initiative is to provide the K-12 online and blended learning community with an updated set of openly licensed standards to help evaluate and improve online courses, online teaching, and online programs.

In addition to Indiana Online being listed as one of the NSQ supporters, Laura Garmire was also involved in the review process of the new Standards.

Indiana Online’s Executive Director, Ronda Eshleman was a contributor for the Online Program Standards, as well as part of the NSQ Leadership team, the group that helped shape and guide the standards revision.

We consider the NSQ Online Courses, Online Teaching, and Online Programs as K-12 online learning’s premier set of quality standards, and as such, pledge to help promote and use the standards where appropriate.

“Being part of a national group of leaders to contribute to the standards was an incredible experience. I learned a lot from others across the nation. Our program prides itself on quality, and we were honored to be included in this process. These updated standards will be incredibly valuable to anyone implementing online and blended learning,” says Ronda Eshleman, Executive Director of Indiana Online.

Learn more about the National Standards at NSQOL.

National Standards for Quality Online Learning


  • Kim Hendrick

    Kim Hendrick is the Executive Director of Indiana Online at Central Indiana Educational Service Center, one of the largest supplemental online high school programs in Indiana. She has more than 29 years of professional experience and plays an important role in the definition of Indiana Online’s direction and charting the course towards strategic objectives through the effective management of key resources and innovation initiatives. She serves on two committees for the national Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) and the SETDA Professional Development Committee. She also served on the Indiana Connected Educator’s Board and the IDOE's Indiana eLearning Leadership Cadre.

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