Welcome Allyssya Gossett, Program Specialist

We are pleased to welcome Allyssya Gossett to the Indiana Online team as a Program Specialist. She will join our Student Services Team to support our students specifically with IEPs, 504s, or ILPs. Allyssya will work with the Teachers of Record at our partner schools to support and serve our students. She brings a passion for building relationships and helping others succeed, as well as impeccable organization and project management skills. Allyssya’s expertise in special education will help ensure all students with an Individual Education Plan or 504 will receive the support and accommodations they need to successfully complete their courses with Indiana Online.

Allyssya is dual certified in Mathematics and Special Education and brings 12 years of experience as an educator with Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia and Noblesville Schools in Indiana. She has not only taught general education, but also taught in the resource setting, inclusion setting, as both the general education and special education teacher, a few different self-contained settings, and an alternative program. She also has experience providing virtual instruction, both synchronously and asynchronously.

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