Welcome Ally Swensen, Outreach Specialist

Ally SwensenWe are pleased to welcome Allynn “Ally” Swensen to the Indiana Online team as our Outreach Specialist. Ally will be responsible for school outreach in the southern part of the state. She will focus on the growth of Indiana Online by building school relationships and working with schools to find out their specific needs. Ally will be contributing to new marketing initiatives to further the growth and development of Indiana Online and serve on the national Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) Marketing Committee.

Ally’s background is in business. She has spent the last 19 years in various roles with the Indiana Virtual Academy (IndVA). For the past 10 years she has served as the IndVA Director, overseeing the daily operations. The IndVA has worked hand-in-hand with Indiana Online over the years, as they are the only other online non-profit supplemental provider in the state. Prior to joining IndVA Ally’s career had been in retail sales and management, customer service, and marketing.

In her free time, Ally enjoys spending time with her family especially on her father’s farm.


  • Kim Hendrick

    Kim Hendrick is the Executive Director of Indiana Online at Central Indiana Educational Service Center, one of the largest supplemental online high school programs in Indiana. She has more than 29 years of professional experience and plays an important role in the definition of Indiana Online’s direction and charting the course towards strategic objectives through the effective management of key resources and innovation initiatives. She serves on two committees for the national Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) and the SETDA Professional Development Committee. She also served on the Indiana Connected Educator’s Board and the IDOE's Indiana eLearning Leadership Cadre.

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