Heichelbech Shares Tips on Blended Learning on IASP LeaderCast

We know the definition of blended learning is leveraging online learning and face-to-face instruction, but what exactly does that mean? Does using technology in the classroom constitute blended learning? Does the teacher control the use of the technology? If a district is one-to-one does it mean they are using blended learning? Not exactly.

Kara Heichelbech, Innovation and Learning Manager for Indiana Online, was a featured guest on LeaderCast, a podcast hosted by the Indiana Association of School Principals. She shared practical tips surrounding Blended Learning and her experience as an eCoach.

Visit the Indiana Association of School Principals Blended Learning: Clear as Mud? post to listen in as Kara shares practical tips surrounding Blended Learning.

Looking for more practical approaches and resources? Check out Keep Indiana Learning.


  • Kara Heichelbech

    Kara Heichelbech is the Director of Student Learning at Indiana Online, which serves almost 30,000 students annually. As an educator, Kara has served many different roles, including classroom teacher, department chair, instructional e-coach, and building administrator. She deeply believes in the power of online education for students who need it and was honored to implement a full-time virtual program for partner schools across Indiana. Kara serves on the Indiana Connected Educators board and contributes to various committees with the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance and the Digital Learning Collaborative. She also presents at various state and national conferences sharing her love for technology integration and online education with colleagues. She graduated with a BS in Marketing from Indiana University, and after 10+ years in corporate America, Kara completed a transition-to-teaching program and earned her MAT and MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

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