Introducing the Indiana Online FlexED Program

Indiana Online (IO), a department of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC), is excited to announce a new delivery model called FlexED that will provide high-quality online curriculum, as well as instructional support and program management at a reasonable cost. FlexED will allow districts to utilize their staff and permit students to flex in and out of a classroom, if needed, without losing time in their course or quality of their curriculum. 

FlexED offers school corporations a complete, standards-based, online high school curriculum, as well as a learning management system for use in a virtual or face-to-face environment with students. District teachers will serve as the online instructor for the chosen course(s). Indiana Online teachers will serve as the course liaison and mentor for district teachers. Courses are delivered online via our Desire2Learn learning management system and are hosted by Indiana Online.

Indiana Online will provide:

  • Curriculum
  • Learning management system
  • Professional development to district staff
  • Course liaison/mentor teacher
  • Support for students and parents

Districts will provide:

  • Certified teacher for each section (one teacher may be used for multiple sections)
  • Dates for course milestones
  • Enrollments for students in custom sessions
  • Zoom or collaboration tool access

Indiana Online classes are taught by Indiana-licensed instructors, the classes are designed by Indiana Online course design specialists to be highly interactive and engaging, all classes are AdvancED and NCAA certified, and Indiana Online is responsible for all student management functions. Upon course completion, Indiana Online sends a transcript to the student’s respective district. See our complete list of FlexED courses.

In addition, Indiana Online is proudly participating in the IDOE’s Indiana Course Access Portal (iCAP) which serves as a catalog of courses that provides options to help schools meet students’ individual needs, expand learning opportunities, and diversify their curricula. Please visit our informational page to learn more.

Please reach out to Kim Hendrick, Executive Director of Indiana Online, at with any questions regarding the services Indiana Online can provide. CIESC and Indiana Online are committed to support and serve Indiana students, families, and communities.


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